Peony Plants Plagued By Pests? How To Put The Pests Down And Keep The Peonies Pretty

3 August 2016
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Peonies are prized for their sweet smell and rose-like appearance. Unfortunately, peonies are often plagued by insect pests because their sweet odor draws everything to them. If you have peony plants but you cannot stand to deal with the ants, the aphids, the hornets and the rest, here is how you can put the pests down and keep your peonies pretty. Before the Blooms Burst Forth In spring, your peonies will begin to grow tall and bushy. Read More 

Even The Horses Will Be Jealous: Stable A Zero Turn Mower At Your Arena

6 April 2016
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If you own or manage a boarding stable, riding school, or horse show venue, you've certainly had to contend with managing the arena and surrounding landscaping. And if you're tired of spending hours dealing with the problem, when time in the equestrian business equals money, here's why you should consider purchasing a zero turn mower for your arena. Zero Turn Mowers: The Basics A zero turn mower is exactly what it sounds like: a mower with a zero-degree turning radius. Read More 

Two Ways To Encourage Your Young Trees To Grow Faster

29 July 2015
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Trees are notoriously slow growers. Even varieties of trees that are known for their "quick growth" take years to reach their mature heights. While you can't make your tree spring up to full size overnight, there are a few things you can do to ensure it is growing as quickly as possible, so you can enjoy its lush shade and towering stature sooner. Mulch around the base of the tree. Read More 

Raising Worms: A Gardener’s Guide To A Rewarding Hobby

29 June 2015
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Worms help aerate the lawn and loosen the soil, making it easier for good plants to set root in the ground. Worms also break down organic debris and excrete nutrient-rich castings that provide natural fertilizer. Worms are, in other words, a valuable and essential part of the landscape. Many gardeners buy worms and worm castings to be used in their gardens. While this is a smart practice that can improve soil conditions, some gardeners like to take this practice a step farther by raising their own worms. Read More 

Spring Into Your Garden By Planting Bulbs

6 May 2015
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Bulbs make it easy to enjoy a rich array of multicolored flowers year after year, and they provide a pleasant anticipation to those watching and waiting for them to bloom. When ordering or buying bulbs, be sure to plant them right away rather than hold on to them for future growing seasons, as this ensures their ability to thrive. Some things to know about bulbs include the following: Types of bulbs Read More